Adding a Logo in a Meta Tag (Important)

Adding Logo on Meta Tag

Try to share the homepage link of this blog to Whatsapp, a thumbnail will appear as shown below. The image is the default logo of this template. Please follow the directions below to change it:

Fletro Logo Templates

Tutorial on Changing Logo Templates

Prepare an image for your logo with a maximum size of 400px, please upload the image in the blog post and copy the image link. For example, we use the image link below to apply:

On the Edit HTML menu, look for the image link below. Easy, please press ctrl + F and type fletro-img.png to find all the codes as below—There are several link codes as below including with different sizes. Link logo dengan ukuran lain<link href=""/><link href="" sizes="57x57"/><link href="" sizes="72x72"/><link href="" sizes="76x76"/><link href="" sizes="114x114"/><link href="" sizes="120x120"/><link href="" sizes="144x144"/><link href="" sizes="152x152"/><link href="" sizes="180x180"/>

Change the logo link with your logo link. Also change the size of your logo by changing the part that has been marked.

Please save your template and try again to share your blog link via Whatsapp. If the method you do is correct, the logo will change to your logo. Below is an example of the correct application:

Fletro Logo Templates