Fletro Pro v6.0 Responsive Blogger Template

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Fletro Blogger Template is designed with the dashboard UI concept, the template is more recommended to be used on news blogs, a simpler design but has a high readability is a plus point of this template.

The menu display is also made different from other templates, carrying the 3 column concept where the first column is devoted to the navigation menu which can be minimized the width of the navigation.At first glance this template looks like a web app that makes your blog look different from other blogs. This concept is also used by large websites such as Google Adsense, Google Drive and so on.Let's Know more about this template


If you are searching for Fletro Pro v6.0 Blogger Template,Fletro Pro v6.0 LTR Version,Fletro Pro v6.0 AMP Version,Fletro Pro Blogger Template All Bundle then simply go Original Author Website and Enjoy in your life,If you want to know features of Fletro blogger template then you can read below.

Features of Fletro Pro V6.0 Template For Blogger:

search engine marketing FriendlyTrue
Mobile FriendlyTrue
404 web pageTrue
Load Speed Test GradeA+
Full Width Post LayoutTrue
Auto Read More With ThumbnailTrue
Ads ReadyTrue
Multi Dropdown MenuTrue
Search WidgetTrue
Colourful Social WidgetsTrue
Related Posts with ThumbnailTrue
Social Share ButtonTrue
Email Newsletter WidgetTrue
3 Types of CommentsTrue
Featured PostTrue
3 Types of Recent PostTrue
Detailed DocumentationTrue
Widget Codes (Premium)True

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