Change Blog Navigation To Invinite Scroll

Change Blog Navigation To Invinite Scroll

In the latest update, invinite scroll has become the default navigation template, so you don’t need to do anything with this tutorial.

What is an Infinite Scroll?

In short, this widget serves to display the next article or post in the blog navigation with just a click without having to move pages. In other words, this widget can replace the default blogger blog navigation, this widget is also known as the Load More Widget.

In the default blogger navigation you will be redirected to a new page when you want to see the next post, by using the infinte scroll you don’t need to switch pages when you want to see an old article, just press the load more button then the old post will automatically appear under it.

The advantages of this widget include very easy installation, beautify the appearance of the blog and quite powerful enough to reduce the bounce rate. With a very lightweight script, this widget also doesn’t cause any problems on Pagespeed Insights, and many other benefits that you can get.

Tutorial on Installing Infinite Scroll on Blog

As usual on the Edit HTML menu, look for the code or scroll to the very bottom of this template and add the code below just above it.

<b:if cond='data:view.isMultipleItems'>  <script> !function(t,e){t.InfiniteScroll=function(n){function r(t,n){return n=n||e,n.querySelectorAll</b:if>

Save it on the template and see the difference. The code above is javascript which functions to call the next post / article when clicked without moving pages. Replace marked sections of code with your own words.

<b:if cond='data:view.isMultipleItems'>// Tag conditional ini berfungsi untuk menampilkan script ini pada halaman homepage serta halaman index saja, tidak akan tampil pada halaman posting

Hope it is useful.